10 Best Tips To Photograph Food

You need some tips to photograph food as a newbie. The expert photographers know and apply some tricks. Therefore their photos are better than others.  In this article, we will give you some food photography tips for beginners

Table of Contents:

what is food photography?

It is one kind of still life photography. Most of the time, food photography is used for commercial purposes. The photos can be used in the magazine, posters, cookbook and many other places. 

Food photography increases trust among people about the quality of food. The professional photographs have commercial and artistic values. Therefore you can follow our tips to photography to make it better than before. 

Top 10 Tips To Photograph Food

  1. Follow Daylights. It can provide the best photo
  2. Blur the Background
  3. Ensure better color contrast
  4. Study about food styling
  5. Identify the best angle
  6. Learn Something About Negative Space
  7. Photograph both whole and portion
  8. Try To Make A story
  9. Add Human Body In The Picture like hands
  10. Imperfection creates attraction like lipsticks on the mug

Food Photography Tips For phone

iPhone food Photography

Follow the same tips to photograph food for Phone. We can something more for phones-

  • Try to control shadows for a better picture
  • Decorate the scene that fits best in your phone
  • Be Simple

Food Photography Tips iPhone

Nothing special about iPhone. You can simply follow the same tips for android smartphones and iPhones. We can add something for iPhone as well-

  • Use the Volume button to take the best Photos
  • Learn About Camera grid composition
  • HDR can provide more details about color

Food Photography Tricks

A few tricks to photograph food-

  • Use cardboard to increase height
  • Soap foam for drinks
  • Shaving cream instead of cream
  • Vegetable oil for a juicy look

These are the best food photography ideas. Don't think much about lighting. Daylight is the best light. And the common rule of thumb is the direction of light should be on the object. 

How To Photograph Food For Instagram

You can follow all the tips given above for professional photography. In addition, the tips to photograph food is the same for Instagram as well. We can add a few things more-

  • Rotate the plate for a better result
  • Use the app to beautify the photos
  • Edit the photo before upload

That's it.